For decades Ronnie and Chanda Burrage have led efforts aimed to directly inspire underserved communities through their own gifts in music and science.

Ronnie - a world renowned jazz musician and Chanda - a global STEM researcher merge their passions towards making the world a better place for ALL.

The Burrage’s cross-generational efforts have been practiced in cities across the US, as well as Ethiopia, Kenya, Nepal and Nigeria. Today, their shared values are played out in the form of World Rhythm Academy through their love of producing live arts-based community gatherings and directly engaging youth and seniors.

The Mission

WRA’s mission is to bridge cross-generational divides and promote revolutionary community empowerment through family-friendly cultural arts events and arts-based academic programming.

What We've Achieved

  • After Rikers’ Film Screening, SUNY Westbury College & Medgar Evers College (2019)

  • “Food Justice”facilitation with Gloster Arts Summer Camp, Gloster, Mississippi (2018)

  • WEB DuBois Night’ Literary Arts community engagement, Brooklyn, NY (2018)GeoArts Middle School youth engagement, Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY (2017/18)

  • ‘Java Jam’ Revolutionary Arts events, State College, PA (2015/16)

  • Global Youth Research and Development training, Ethiopia (204/15), Kenya (2009) and Nigeria (2007)

  • ‘RoBu Big Band’ ‘RoBu NeoSoul’ & ‘Holographic Principle’ Community Concerts, Brownsville, Brooklyn & St. Louis, MO (2015-2019)